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Can you guys help me with fixing this quest that broke from recent roblox updates?

Asked by 5 months ago

If anyone can help me fix the scripts to this quest I'll be very great full!


I've been trying to do this project for over a month! And now I'm starting to think I can never get this right!

How it broke is the new roblox updates.

If you are willing to help me, this is how I want it, I just want it so if you read dialog from the Trainer a gui will pop up that gui is the quest, and if you accept it, the gui goes away and a new gui pops up. That gui is the achevement gui so then you have to find a key which is the achevement, and then if you get the key you can talk to the trainer again and then the reward is that you can pick up a KeyCard that opens a door that I've done already. Thx!

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