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Giving the benefits of a gamepass to people who already bought it, Where did I mess up?

Asked by 5 months ago

I am creating a gamepass that give the owners of it the benefits of TimeStop. I have already successfully created the code for TimeStop and created a gamepass that will hold these benefits, but I tested it with a friend who bought the gamepass but didn't get the benefits with the code I scripted. Can someone edit it and tell me where I went wrong within this code:

if game.MarketplaceService:PlayerOwnsAsset(player,6994910) then --Gives people who own the gamepass the power of time stop

mouse.KeyDown:connect(function(key) if key == "t" then game.ReplicatedStorage.TimestopEvent:FireServer() end end) end

please codeblock correctly! KDarren12 690 — 5mo
also KeyDown is a bad thing to use, and :connect is deprecated. KDarren12 690 — 5mo
use contextactionservice or user input service KDarren12 690 — 5mo

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