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Is it possible to prevent a player from jumping out of a chair? [closed]

Asked by 10 years ago

Would it be possible for me to prevent someone from jumping out of a seat (or getting out using other methods)?

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Answered by 10 years ago

function onTouched(t) Torso = t.Parent:findFirstChild("Torso") if Torso ~= nil then Torso.Anchored = true end script.Parent.onTouched:connect(onTouched)

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Answered by
HexC3D 830 Moderation Voter
10 years ago

Yes there is. You can disable jumping from a humanoid

Player.Character.Humanoid.Jump = false

You can edit the sitting script and make it so until you can time it so then it would eject them out after a certain time period?

That doesn't disable it. That turns to true when they jump. Could use a while loop or .Changed. Thewsomeguy 448 — 10y
This answer is incorrect. User#11893 186 — 10y
No, it doesn't disable it. Thewsomeguy 448 — 10y