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Difference between CFrame and Vector3?

Asked by 3 months ago

Hello, I have some decent experience in coding but I keep stumbling upon whether to use CFrame and Vector3. Most of the time, I know which to use but I never properly understood what the two really are and how they're different. Is CFrame responsible for orientation and location? Is Vector3 responsible for just position? If someone could clarify this it would be great. Thank you! -cooldeath49

-cooldeath49 Elixcore 1020 — 3mo
Question was already asked by another person, lots of great answers here: BuDeep 189 — 3mo
The main difference is that Vector3 is a position and CFrame is a position and rotation. pidgey 538 — 3mo
just remember that cframe is cursive vector3 Fifkee 1025 — 3mo

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