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TextLabel Leaderstats connection not working, why? HELP!

Asked by 7 days ago
Edited 7 days ago

Hello all!

I've been working on a new Club Game for ROBLOX, and I have been running into some trouble in regards to having the in-game currency, (VCash), show up inside of a text label! I will be providing gyazo images below to better understand my problems with the error code given by ROBLOX Studio!

Essentially, what I want to do is create a GUI that will tell the player their VCash amount inside the GUI where you purchase VCash. I have created the GUI, done the other coding for the GUI(The DeveloperProduct purchase calls, and handler), but I can't seem to figure out this simple trick in ROBLOX.

This has worked for me in previous games, but doesn't seem to now. I realize it may be out dated, but I'd like to know how to fix this problem asap!

Any and all help would be appreciated! Here are my images:

The Error Code(And Int Value in the player) --

The Shop/Where the Label is --

The Code itself that's failing:

while wait(0.1) do
    script.Parent.Text = "V-Cash: ";

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Answered by
Thetacah 616 Moderation Voter
6 days ago


VCash may not have loaded into leaderstats yet, so that may be why you're encountering this error.

Try adding an if statement:

while wait(0.1) do
    local leaderstats = game.Players.LocalPlayer:FindFirstChild("leaderstats"):FindFirstChild("VCash")
    if leaderstats then
            script.Parent.Text = "V-Cash: ";


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Answered by 6 days ago

instead of script.parent, try

game.PlayerGui.TextLabel.Text = ""V-Cash: ";"

because sometimes it wont update

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