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How could I be able to make a Gui with a model/human in it?

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Nimbzee 14
1 year ago

I'm trying to make a feature in my game where you start off like a noob, and in the menu which I have done, will have a button that takes you to the shop Gui but how could I surround the model in Gui and if you put on something it will equip it to the dummy/Model the assets will most likely be from the catalog so I was thinking an id or something. Do I need to insert another screen Gui? If this is too much to ask that also they models/hats accessories can rotate for example (bloxburg)

If you need anything from the game I'll have linked it and you can examine stuff.

Link: Thanks!

Maybe Viewport may be useful? FadedJayden_Dev 118 — 1y
Most likely this won't be possible (Viewport can cause lag) without a fullscreen gui. You will need to move the camera over to some location where the dummy is located, turn on a screengui and then change the dummy locally depending on changes. tim458458 29 — 1y

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