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Is using a loop to wait for a character better than using characteradded?

Asked by 3 months ago
Edited 3 months ago

Is using a loop such as

local Character ; while not Player.Character or not Player.Character.Parent do wait() end ; Character = Player.Character ;

better than using a characteradded event?

CharacterAdded simply passes a Character argument. Waiting for the Character to spawn in is literally the same thing as CharacterAdded because the loop stops at the same time that CharacterAdded would fire. BashCaster 2370 — 3mo
I know it is the same thing, but I was told that the code above is safter than the event. Thesquid13 301 — 3mo
A repeat loop is the most common option to wait until the character exists. BashCaster 2370 — 3mo

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