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Include punctuation when using string.gmatch()?

Asked by
Ghusoc 50
3 months ago


I'm working on this project, and it kind of emulates a small part of TF2's economy, where items will have a quality. At some point in the game, the item is eventually renamed to add the quality as a prefix, e.g. Emerald Eye becomes Ordinary Emerald Eye.

I managed to whip up a small helper function that successfully removes the prefix, but I'm not particularly well versed in string manipulation.

Here's the code:

function getOriginalName( name )
    local words = {}
    for word in name:gmatch("%w+") do
        table.insert(words, word)
    table.remove(words, 1)
    return table.concat(words, " ")

Now, if I used Ordinary Emerald Eye for example, it successfully removes the Ordinary prefix. However, if I use an item that has some punctuation in the name, e.g. Ordinary Mr. Hatbot, it doesn't quite return what I need, and therein lies my issue. It will return the name, excluding the period.

Would anyone be able to assist me in this? I tried editing the pattern, so it was %wp+ rather than %w+, but to no avail.

Cheers in advance!

%p ? User#24403 0 — 3mo

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