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How to set up split screen controls?

Asked by
A_thruZ 29
1 year ago

I'm building a split-screen first person shooter, and I am using ViewportFrame to render each side of the screen. I have the split-screen part finished, but I can't figure out how to make a new character, most likely a rig from ServerStorage, and be able for the second player to control it. Does anybody have any ideas? Any help would be appreciated!

Hmm, could you possibly allow 2-players in a server and then do this: Re-Replicate the region you're in for the 2nd player. Stream in/out. Serpawh -4 — 1y
Would one computer control two characters, thus having two perspectives meaning the need for a second set of controls? I'd like to let you know that particles are not replicated in a viewportFrame. alphawolvess 1784 — 1y
Yeah. I know that particles don't show, and I don't mind anyways. I just need a splitscreen base. A_thruZ 29 — 1y
Your post is confusing, Why? You haven't provided enough depth for us to base an answer of. We aren't sure of the inner-workings of your 'Split-Screen' system, thus we cannot provide any output that is logical and rationally thought out other than approximations and the usual estimations. Serpawh -4 — 1y
Due to ViewportFrame limitations(no welds for example),I would advise to abandon project. This would be a HUGE amount of work, with possibly unsatisfying results. Instead you may try to change controls and use virtual machine to open two windows on the same screen. May be against roblox rules though. sleazel 1061 — 1y

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