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When unequipped, what would I use to put a tool on a player's back?

Asked by 15 days ago

I can't seem to figure out HOW to get a tool on a player's back, and would like to know what would allow me to do so... Is there a specific event that I have to use or...?

when you unequip the tool, make a clone of the handle and put it in workspace or in the character and put it on the players back with a weld Gameplayer365247v2 449 — 15d
Its called welding Prestory 1303 — 15d

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Answered by
Kami_Yo 67
15 days ago

This is what I use to do a similar thing. I put a sheathe on my player's back when they equip a katana.

local sheathe = yourSheathe:Clone()
sheathe.Parent = Character

local C = sheathe:GetChildren()
for i=1, #C do
     if C[i].className == "Part" or C[i].className == "MeshPart" then
        local W ="Weld")
        W.Part0 = sheathe.Middle
        W.Part1 = C[i]
        local CJ =
        local C0 = sheathe.Middle.CFrame:inverse()*CJ
        local C1 = C[i].CFrame:inverse()*CJ
        W.C0 = C0
        W.C1 = C1
        W.Parent = sheathe.Middle

local Y ="Weld")
Y.Part0 = playerCharacter["UpperTorso"]
Y.Part1 = sheathe.Middle
Y.C0 =,0,0.8)
Y.C0 = Y.C0 * CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ(90,45,0)
Y.Parent = Y.Part0

local h = sheathe:GetChildren()

for i = 1, #h do
    h[i].Anchored = false
    h[i].CanCollide = false

You may have to play around with some of the CFrame values tho to get it work just right for your weapon.

oooo, ty a ton! I had only gotten some annoyingly sarcastic answers before lol... Gomenasa1 28 — 15d

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