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Animation Changing from touching a part?

Asked by 2 months ago

I was wondering if someone could show me how to make a script for when stepping on a part changes your animations. You basically step on the part to change all your animations.

Like this but i need it for R6 animations and instead of clicking, you walk onto the part.

Are you trying to change the character to a custom animation or a ROBLOX default animation? SerpentineKing 2724 — 2mo
I just need the script lay out for it. But it's custom animations. Basically when you step on the part, the part is to make you turn into the character. I got that down, it's like a morph, i'm just trying to make it where every character doesnt use the same animations. But yes, they're custom animations and they're R6. YBNKenzelle 0 — 2mo

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