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Is part 'Surface Detection' possible?

Asked by
Mr_Pure 109
6 months ago

I simply want to know if it's possible to detect if the humanoid is touching a certain surface EX: top/front surface.

Humanoid.Touched;connect(function(hit) --In here you detect what surface is touched end)

If it's possible can you please point me in the that direction?

What do you mean by Surface? (Smooth, Hinge, etc. OR Material, etc?) vislbIe 6 — 6mo
i mean if the humanoid touches the top surface of the part, i want the script to print "Top" in the output. Mr_Pure 109 — 6mo
Raycasting. incapaxx 3479 — 6mo
@incapaxx i understand that you can use raycasting to detect what surface the ray hits, but I'm asking if you can detect the surface when the humanoid's limbs touch it. Mr_Pure 109 — 6mo

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