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Surface GUI Ship Spawning Script Not Working. Will Someone Please Help Me?

Asked by 13 days ago
Edited by incapaxx 13 days ago

So I have a block where you click a surface GUI and it spawns a ship if you have the correct rank. I have the leader stats already made and working well.

I always get these errors

Solo Player Studio Mode: owner is not a valid member of Players

Live Game Studio Mode: No Output Errors (even with print("test"))

Live Game: Since I'm not the owner of the game and working on making it with them, can't see the f9 output logs...

Here is my code so far----

function onClicked()
    local owner = script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.owner.Value

    if game.Players.owner.leaderstats.Rank.Value == 0 or game.Players.owner.leaderstats.Rank.Value > 0 then
        local ship = game.Lighting.Ships.Stinger:Clone()
        ship.Parent = script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Ships
        ship.Position = script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.cps.Customize.Position
    elseif not game.Players.owner.leaderstats.Rank.Value == 0 or not game.Players.owner.leaderstats.Rank.Value > 0 then
        print("ERROR: Incorrect Rank")


(gaaa all my titles wont work because it needs to be described concisely)

sorry for the weird title WyattagumsBackUp 0 — 13d
instead of == 0 or > 0 do >= 0 HappyTimIsHim 162 — 13d
Pt the code in a code block. incapaxx 2426 — 13d
Is the "owner" value a StringValue or an ObjectValue? MyNameIsChill 0 — 13d
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tanx for the tip HappyTimIsHim! WyattagumsBackUp 0 — 13d
owner is StringValue @MyNameIsChill WyattagumsBackUp 0 — 13d
You can do game.Players:FindFirstChild(owner) then. Also, you should set the position of objects using CFrame. MyNameIsChill 0 — 13d
I use setting position by making a primary part (it's been working but thanks for the tip, I'll use c frame if it doesn't work, by working I mean on other projects when I tp models) WyattagumsBackUp 0 — 13d
Thanks it worked great, since my teleporting didn't work for some reason, I guess it doesn't work anymore :P, Ima use c frame, Ima look up some tutorials but if you have a suggestion or way specifing how to implement into my script please do respond. Again, thank you for the answer and I'll give you as much rep as I can WyattagumsBackUp 0 — 13d
Also post the findfirstchild answer as an answer just in case someone needs this help, you decide, you do you :P cya tanx WyattagumsBackUp 0 — 13d

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