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How do I stop my script from lagging when it detects the NPC's sword being touched rapidly?

Asked by 6 months ago
Edited 6 months ago

I have created a script from scratch that detects whether or not a NPC's sword hits another enemy NPC. However if the NPC's sword touches, let's say, a friendly NPC, the function fires rapidly causing the entire game to experience minor lag.Unfortunately, my game averages around 100+ NPCs at a time which make the game lag even more. Also when you mix in the NPCs moving whilst their swords are touching friendlies, the function fires even more. I need help on reducing this lag or even stopping it all together.

TL;DR = My script's function rapidly fires when it hits a friendly NPC. The function rapidly firing causes major lag. I need a cooldown or some sort for the function itself.

Below is my script:

local rs = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
local damage = rs.R_KnightDamage.Value
local cooldown = 1.15
local debounce = false 

local sword = script.Parent
local blade = sword.Handle
local currentHuman = sword.Parent:FindFirstChildOfClass('Humanoid')
local attackAnim = currentHuman:LoadAnimation(blade.Attack2)
local currentTeam = currentHuman.Parent:FindFirstChild('Team')

function swordTouched(target)
    if (target.Name == "Head" or target.Name == "Left Leg" or target.Name == "Right Leg" or target.Name == "Left Arm" or target.Name == "Right Arm") then   -- PART CHECKER
        local human = target.Parent:FindFirstChildOfClass('Humanoid')
        if (human) then
            if (currentHuman.Health ~= 0) then
                if (target.Parent:FindFirstChild('Team')) then
                    local enemyTeam = target.Parent:FindFirstChild('Team') -- PREVENTS TEAM-KILLING
                    if (enemyTeam.Value ~= currentTeam.Value) then
                        if (debounce == false) then debounce = true
                            local randomSound = math.random(1,2) -- SOUND MODULE
                            if randomSound == 1 then blade.s1:Play()
                                else blade.s2:Play()
                            debounce = false


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Answered by 6 months ago

I'd say the problem is the sword is making way too many checks every second it is touching which reduces performance a lot. If you look at it, your code has about 7 if's and about 4 or's.

To fix this problem, I would personally firstly check if the player is on the other team or not. If he is, it will do the other checks. If it's not, then it will do only that check.

Also, consider using and.


if (human)  and (currentHuman.Health ~= 0) and etc.. then
--Do your thing.
Lag has definitely decreased substantially. However now something else in my game is causing lag. Thanks! Deadman7117 46 — 6mo
Great! If you need help with that make sure to post it here. wilsonsilva007 339 — 6mo

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