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[Answered] Will “IsStudio” return true or false when server is started in studio mode?

Asked by
ABK2017 406 Moderation Voter
1 year ago
Edited 1 year ago

I use a “IsStudio” check for datastore purposes but if I “StartServer” as Player1, is this considered Studio or do I need to add additional checks?

if game:GetService("RunService"):IsStudio() then
Try this: if game:GetService('RunService'):IsStudio() then print'Wonder if this is studio.' end suspectshot108 521 — 1y
If it is true, you have your answer. suspectshot108 521 — 1y
I will try it when I can get to my comp...suspectshot108, yes but I meant specifically in the PlaySolo environment ABK2017 406 — 1y
Try it both ways. I THINK that if its in studio, regardless of solo or "StartServer" its still counted as studio. DinozCreates 763 — 1y
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Anytime you're in Studio, RunService:IsStudio() will return true. Play Solo, Testing Local Server, etc. If it's in Studio, it'll be true Crazycat4360 115 — 1y
So I was able to test it, prints true until you Start a server. It will print true on the server, but on the local "Player1/Place1" side it does not print true. ABK2017 406 — 1y

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