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How to disable player list but keep users stats?

Asked by
Zripple 14
5 months ago

Hi, i want to disable the default player list but keep the users stats (hiding other players stats)

I've tried this:

game.StarterGui:SetCoreGuiEnabled(Enum.CoreGuiType.PlayerList, false)

It hides the stats and the player list :C Please Help me Out.

Im confused, maybe im just misunderstanding how this would/could/should work. DinozCreates 746 — 5mo
You mean keeping local user's stats or other users? Headstackk 15 — 5mo
this is not possible what u can do is make a gui for the stats tacotown2 119 — 5mo
I mean i want the player list which holds all the other players... i want that gone i just want the person playing to see their own stats and not anyone elses Zripple 14 — 5mo
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oh then yes i agree its not possible, make your own GUI. DinozCreates 746 — 5mo
Make a screengui put a textlabel in it put a loca scrpt in that and make it make the textlabels text the value of the leaderstat (lol im on mobile sorry if anything is mis-spelt) WideSteal321 445 — 5mo
The leaderboard feature is embedded into the player list. You will have to design your own playerlist. SinisterMemories 739 — 5mo

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