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Problems with CordinateFrame and Position please help ??

Asked by 5 months ago
Edited 5 months ago

Hi, I'm making an axe to cut Trees, but I have a problem and I try to do it when CordinateFrame.Y is equal to Tree.Position.Y and it has an animation and when it is CordinateFrame.X another Animation i try to do that but could not.

function AxesModule:Animate(MouseHit) local CordinationCframe = Camera.CoordinateFrame local LastAnim, Track = nil, nil local CutAnimationPos = CordinationCframe.Y <= self.Wood_Target.Size.X and "AxeSwing1" or CordinationCframe.X <= self.Wood_Target.Size.Y and "AxeSwing2" Track = _G.PlayAnimation(Humanoid, CuttingAnimations[CutAnimationPos], .1, 1 / self.Axe_Configs.SwingCooldown, true) -- self.Animations[animationChoice]:Play(0.1, 1, 1 / self.SwingCooldown) end

Please help me with this i need this part of script urgent. thanks

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