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How can i reverse upVector on this script?

Asked by
KOK_E 12
5 months ago

i am trying to make this go other way not just right... inverse does not work it just applies power and clones the body-velocity and the - does not work as well :/

D ="BodyVelocity")
            D.Parent = player.Character["Torso"]
                D.velocity = player.Character["Right Arm"].CFrame.upVector * 40 
                D.MaxForce = MaxForce   

I do not know what you mean by reverse. but if you want to get a "DownVector" you just negate the UpVector (-cf.UpVector) incapaxx 3172 — 5mo

1 answer

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Answered by 5 months ago
(...upVector -,0,0))

maybe just rotate it 180 degrees?


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