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A few questions about Region3?

Asked by 22 days ago

I just discovered Region3 exists and I think I it's important since I've been using the .Touched event from Parts to define a "region". I can't find much info in roblox docs so here are a few questions:

1) What "shape" is this region? A block? A sphere?

2) If it is a block can I make a region3 sphere?

3) What is min and max in Vector3 min, Vector3 max ) <- taken from

4) How often is this used in a game? (because I haven't used it at all)

1) Rectangular Prism. 2) Create a fake sphere that fits inside the region and do some checks to see if the player inside the region is inside the fake sphere using magnitude. 3) min is the lower corner extent, max is the upper corner extent. 4) I can't think of any cases I've seen it used but that doesn't mean you shouldn't use it. SinisterMemories 478 — 22d
for 2) is that a yes or a no? GoldAngelInDisguise 176 — 22d
no, they're squares gioni01 1494 — 22d
Region3's are usually used in generating fake terrain SteamG0D 423 — 22d
Ok thanks for all the help GoldAngelInDisguise 176 — 22d

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