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Is this a safe technique?

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SteamG0D 1633 Moderation Voter
4 years ago
Edited 4 years ago

So I have been trying to figure out a way to access a model without knowing exactly which model I was trying to access by assigning a value inside my player model to the model object when I sat down on a seat within the model. It was a huge mess.

My solution was to instead of assigning the model to a value within my player character, I literally moved the entire model into the model of my player character, so then local scripts could interact with it.

That is what I am asking if it is safe or not because to explain what is going on:

You are sitting on a seat that is in a model and that model that is within yourself.

Edit2: So my plane isn't functional, but that's not due to this illegal roblox building technique

If you are wondering if this works, so far there have been no errors pertaining to whatever the heck it is I just did. SteamG0D 1633 — 4y
Is this the plot of inception? DinozCreates 1070 — 4y
I know right? I feel like I just did a 4D scripting technique that somehow works. SteamG0D 1633 — 4y
That's it I'm calling the police! Vertoxico 0 — 4y
FBI GET DOWN User#23365 30 — 4y

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