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How to create a new (public) game instance/server without creating a new place?

Asked by 5 months ago

As I do not know how to even begin to do such, I have no code to provide. Although I do plan to run it from a localscript.

There is already a similar question that got an answer:

But it doesn't mention how to even create a reserved server with scripts, it just says you can and the wiki provides no information on such:

I don't want to really have a private server created anyways, I want a public form that anyone can join.

And besides, I don't think 'creating a new place' equals 'making a new game server' since I'd assume you couldn't join a game instance via the game's game instances.

I'd think there 'ought to be a feature to create a new server, otherwise could someone of high ranking recommend it to upper Roblox staff/developers? It'd be an outstanding feature!


Why didn't it indent my references aaa Cvieyra2test 161 — 5mo
Besides the references issue I have there. Uh, the only solution I can figure could theoretically work would be to set the server fill reserve slots to the highest number possible. (What happened to preferred player count!?) Cvieyra2test 161 — 5mo

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