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mouse.Icon Script Cursor Icon Not Showing?

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11 days ago

How do I make it so that this script recognizes the ClickDetector CursorIcon and allows it to display? Currently, this script does not allow the ClickDetector > CursorIcon to display because it only shows the mouse.Icon and does not load a CursorIcon from any ClickDetector.

local mouse = game.Players.LocalPlayer:GetMouse()
mouse.Icon = 'rbxassetid://46537754'

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Answered by 11 days ago

If you haven't, you'll have to familiarize with the concept of events and event listeners. When adding an event listener, you should use something like [object].[event]:Connect([callback function to use]). There's many tutorials online, but I recommend learning from You should also check if the image ID of the cursor icon you're trying to show isn't giving off any errors like Request failed.


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