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why aren't cloned scripts from Lighting or ReplicatedStorage running ?

Asked by
proclet 22
12 days ago

I'm trying to clone a script from either game.Lighting or game.ReplicatedStorage and then run it. The game properly clones the script into game.Workspace, but it does not run it. The script is very simple, something like :

while wait() do
    print("Hello world!")   

I'm puzzled, no idea why this is happening. The "disabled" property is turned to false, so that's not the issue. Pls help.

can you show us the script you're using to clone it? also what kind of script, and where is it. DinozCreates 241 — 12d
maybe try setting it to disabled in replicatedstorage then when cloning it enable it when its parent is workspace. zor_os 60 — 12d
@Dinoz : it's a LocalScript, located in StarterGui. When you press a certain key, it clones the script and parent it to Workspace. The script is initially disabled. After cloning and parenting, it gets enabled. proclet 22 — 12d
Use a ServerScript for clone items from ReplicatedStorage/Lighting. yHasteeD 1263 — 12d

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