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Multiple short answer questions regarding scripting?

Asked by 7 years ago

What is ipairs and pairs? Example please

What is an argument? Example please

Is it laggier to make an animation by script then by using animation editor?

What is the difference between the two connection lines, is one faster?

Do I use "wait for data ready" when I want the script to run after a player is loaded

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Answered by
Marolex 45
7 years ago

Ill do my best to answer your questions

in order from top to bottom:

ipairs is used to print values accordingly to their position in a table. for example:

table = {"a","b","c"}
for i,v ipairs(table)do

output: * 1 a 2 b 3 c *

wiki on ipairs: LINK

Arguments are similar to variables for example

print("This is the argumet!")

wiki on arguments: LINK

The animation editor is probably a better way to go since code has a chance of messing up

as to lag i haven't personally seen a difference but again, animation editor seems like a better rout to take.

Im not sure what you mean by connection lines, sorry...

This entirely depends on what you're trying to do.

ok thank you, but can u give more indepth view of arguments, and a script that uses them namelessassasin 30 — 7y

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