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How would you get mouse.Hit.p while ignoring certain parts?

Asked by 10 years ago

For my Cero skill, the player spawns a large sphere with a bunch of lines floating towards it to create a charge effect. At the same time, the player can control the direction they are looking at by moving the mouse. Of course, I run into the problem where the player will click on one of the floating parts, thereby making them look the wrong way.

How could I efficiently make the player look the direction they're pointing at?

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Answered by
modFrost 130
10 years ago

If you place the model of the sphere into the character the mouse should ignore it. If not I may be mistaken, but you gotta try right?

Yep, the Player can't click their own Character. adark 5487 — 10y
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Answered by 10 years ago

I don't really understand what you mean. But here is an idea. Make the parts cframe a loop from a good distance away from your torso(what your cframe was already) until the move stops. You can also make a humanoidrootjoint positioning while it works if you want to efficiently move it with your mouse. Hope this helped.

Sorry for the confusion. What I'm doing is creating a large sphere in front of my character. Then, a bunch of parts will start flying into that sphere. The problem is, when trying to change direction the mouse will land on one of those flying parts, thus causing the player to look at that part. As such, it makes it hard to aim. Try Cero here. RobustPhysics 25 — 10y

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