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Is it possible to make multi sound id's in this line of code?

Asked by 7 months ago

I wanted to know if it was possible to make multi sounds play in like a line, this is just a thought i was thinking, because i notice most gun games have more then one bullet wiz sound effect and i have just this one.

local Meta ="Sound")
    Meta.Name = "Crack"
    Meta.SoundId = "rbxassetid://151130102"
    Meta.Volume = 1.5
    Meta.Pitch = 1
    Meta.Looped = true
    Meta.Parent = bullet

as you can see this plays one sound id, is it possible to make it play more then one like maybe adding a comma to it and maybe they will play in a line? or will that require more scripting? thanks for your help!

Meta:Play() not meta:play() User#19524 2 — 7mo
its is Meta:Play Carforlife1 59 — 7mo
() Carforlife1 59 — 7mo

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Answered by 7 months ago

Here, use this handly function:

local function playSound(soundId,loop,parent)
    local s ="Sound")
    s.SoundId = soundId
    s.Looped = loop
    s.Parent = parent
this just loops the sound, my code already has that Meta:.Looped = true, i was saying is there a way to play more then one sound id at the same time, like pic random sound id, so for example the first bullet wiz would be concreate crack and the second glass thats just a example of how i was saying. Carforlife1 59 — 7mo

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