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How do i make a brick float in the same spot but not go higer? (read below!)

Asked by 7 years ago

When i was making a brick float with Body Velocity, it went higher and higher, how do i make it stay in
one spot but still moves like in the spinning thing of doom lobby?

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Answered by
HexC3D 830 Moderation Voter
7 years ago

Well actually bode velocity won't work you can try to manipulate the floating brick by getting it's gravity.

Try using BodyForce.

MassAddition = 0
MassAddition = brick:GetMass() + MassAddition
Gravity =  -196.2 * MassAddition"BodyForce",brick).force =,-Gravity,0)

Make the brick first and define in before the script though this should negative the effect of gravity and let it float :P.

GetMass() Just get's the mass of the brick. Try wiki if you don't understand.

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Answered by 7 years ago

There's more body velocity that specialize in that. Experiment with some so the brick stays it stays in the air, or if not, I have no idea.

ok, i will try that livinggame 0 — 7y

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