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Why My animation got conflicted by Roblox's walkanimation?

Asked by 8 days ago
Edited 8 days ago

I'm was thinking about this is a conflicting animation maybe.
These is my codes:

function onKeyPress(inputObject, gameProcessedEvent)
    if MovingKeys then
        Moving = true
        if ControlHolding then
            SquatMoving:play() --It got conflicted by roblox's walking animation :C

I actually get HEY! too, but it still not playing. How do i fix them?
Thanks for help!

It's probably Roblox's Animator script. Color3_fromRGB 109 — 8d

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Answered by 8 days ago

What you need to do is go back to the animator, load the animation you currently have and press on settings and change the priority of the animation to Action this means that this animation is more important then Roblox's animation and so your animation actually will overlap Roblox's animation.

For more information on animation check here: http://wiki.roblox.com/index.php?title=Animations

This is a simple setting change in the Plugin, your code looks fine to me, if it happens to error comment your error and I will get back to you.

Hope this helped!

Ooooooh!!! this is REALLY worked!! thank you very very much! MEndermanM 20 — 8d

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