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I was wondering, How do I connect roblox to discord?

Asked by 7 months ago

It's a hard question, I know, but i was wondering because http requests don't seem to work for

I've tried using this code:

hr = game:getService('HttpRequest')

hr:GetAsync("<insert id here>", true)

and got nothing.

To clarify: it was a 401: Unauthorized Error TheGalaxyRBLX 63 — 7mo
Are you trying to use webhooks? Astralyst 379 — 7mo
0 sadly Discord now blocks roblox requests kingdom5 4772 — 7mo
Using discord is not the best idea. Maybe try using data stores instead. But if you really have to, replace with discord.osy.ris. brokenVectors 292 — 7mo
did you turn on http in game settings? Araknala 5 — 7mo

1 answer

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Answered by
Avigant 2248 Moderation Voter Community Moderator
7 months ago

Please first consider whether or not you actually need to use Discord for what you're doing. Discord is an instant messaging service, not:

  • An error logging tool.
  • A feedback monitoring tool.
  • A database.

There's a better tool for the job if you need something specific.

In any case, firstly it's worth noting that ServiceProvider:getService() is probably deprecated, so you should switch to game:GetService(). Furthermore, the service name is HttpService, not HttpRequest.

The issue at hand is that due to massive abuse of the Discord API from Roblox developers who think that every problem is a nail and Discord and Trello are hammers, Discord blocks requests coming from Roblox directly.

You're still allowed to use the Discord API from your Roblox game, but you need to route your API requests through some sort of proxy. It's important to make sure that you follow the Discord rules for using their API, and again, consider that there may be a better tool for the job.


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