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How to Make A living humanoid

Asked by 10 years ago

Hi, I tried to make a living humanoid everytime, but the result is when I run the studio, the humanoid health is 0, and the arms didn't stick with the humanoid. And when I use weld surface at torso, the arms didn't fall but humanoid health is 0. So, I think that there might be some script for this solution, but the problem is I don't know anything about complicate script and when to use those script. Please give me a solution and where to insert it.

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Answered by 10 years ago

The problem is that probably your Torso isn't welding with the head, It used to happened to me and I didn't knew what was causing it, with the time I realized that it's the welds that aren't working, for a Humanoid to be alive the head and torso need to be welded correctly or else it'll die.

I suggest doing something like, too make sure the Humanoid won't die.

Torso = script.Parent.Torso
Head = script.Parent.Head

W1 ="Weld", Torso)
W1.Part0 = Torso
W1.Part1 = Head

That tiny script should work, you can edit it too weld the limbs too, I only welded the Torso and Head there so your Humanoid can stay alive.

It still didn't work. And the torso look strange than the other. Ryuxakuta 15 — 10y
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Answered by
Kratos232 105
10 years ago

OK. To do this, first you get a part. You Unanchor it, set it's CanCollide to true, and change FormFactor to symmetrical. Next you resize it to 1, 2, 1, which is 2 high, and 1 across both ways. You copy it, and place it next to the first one. Those are the legs. You copy it again and then put it on top of one of the legs. Next, you resize it across, so it becomes a Torso. Then you copy a leg twice, and put them where the arms go. Finally, the Head. Normally Heads are more harder, but this is a simple way. Copy the Torso and put it on top of the Torso, then resize it downwards so it's 1 block high. Then go into Basic Objects andd get a "SpecialMesh" and put it in the brick where the Head should be. And that's the Basic shape of a Robloxian. Now, to make it alive.

Get the Body, and group all the parts together. Then go through each part and name them. Remember, you need to name them these:

"Left Leg" "Right Leg" "Left Arm" "Right Arm" "Head" "Torso"

Make sure you have them all.

Then you just add a Humanoid to the Model, and change the Health to what you want. Remember, you need to change the MaxHealth then the Health. If you want to have him colored, then insert BodyColor from Basic Objects into the model. NOTE: Just because he has Humanoid, doesn't mean he'll walk. For that you need an animation script or something.

Well, I hope this helped, or at least answered your question. I guess the part about making a person was unnecessary...

  • Kratos232
Do I have to weld the torso? Ryuxakuta 15 — 10y
It didn't work. Ryuxakuta 15 — 10y
You did it wrong, works just fine for me. Kratos232 105 — 10y

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