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Filtering Enabled Fireball is laggy?

Asked by 3 years ago

I have been trying to make a Fireball, but its always a little bit laggy

So what tried to make is:

-Player Press Q > FireBall came out > FireBall Flies to where mouse is pointed > Destroy itself when it touch something, do damage if its a player

How I do it : Local script contain a script where pressing Q will FireServer, Server script contain a script that make fireball, add bodyVelocity that move to where the mouse is pointed, and .Touched script that destroy itself when touch anything other than player, if it touch another player it will do damage too.

The Fire ball properties : CanCollide = False, Anchored = False

My Problem is : So I fire this fireball into a wall, the fireball immediately got destroyed in contact with the wall in STUDIO test mode, BUT when I play from the roblox website, the fireball will go through the wall for few studs before destroying it

What I want to ask :

Is there a way to make it disappear on contact?

Example, would be, fireballs in Elemental Battlground, it Exploded on contact, no latency(At least no visible latency), like it is made with local script, how did they do it?

Any idea?

Thanks in advance

This is probably down to who is doing the physics. User#5423 -10 — 3y
Oh wow, i didnt know that existed, i think that might solve my problem, im going to try that later, Thanks! Azure_Kite 870 — 3y
Confirmed This works, Thanks Azure_Kite 870 — 3y

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Answered by 3 years ago

This might help if anyone have the same problem in the future

Thanks to kingdom5 for giving me this link


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