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Can I set JumpPower and Health from StarterPlayerScripts in FE?

Asked by
Scaii_0 129
1 year ago

So I have a script in the StarterPlayerScripts, and it basically finds some values and sets the JumpPower and Health to that:

local p = game.Players.LocalPlayer

local hs = p:WaitForChild("Stats").HealthStat.Value
local js = p:WaitForChild("Stats").JumpStat.Value
print('values found')

    print('character found')

local hu = c:WaitForChild("Humanoid")
print('humanoid found')

hu.MaxHealth = hs + 100
hu.Health = hu.MaxHealth
print('health set')

hu.JumpPower = (js/10) + 50
print('jump set')


So, in game it does print 'jump set' and 'health set' but when I check the values, they remain the same.

Would I have to use a script in StarterCharacter and use RemoteEvents? If so could you provide me with the changes I would have to make.

Thank you.

Yeah you'd have to use events. MachoPiggies 196 — 1y

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Answered by 1 year ago

Assuming you're using filtering enabled, they're staying the same because they're only changing locally. To change the values "officially", you have to do it from a serverscript.

  1. Either subscribe to the "PlayerAdded" event in a serverscript, and then subscribe to that player's "CharacterAdded" event, changing the values of the humanoid from there,


Make a script in "StarterCharacterScripts" (Serverside of course), and then edit the humanoid values. Though, in order to get the humanoid, you have to do this line of code first:

local humanoid = script.Parent:WaitForChild("Humanoid")

This is because everytime a player's character is loaded, this script will be parented to that player's character. :WaitForChild("Humanoid") is optional, but recommended, since the humanoid could have a chance of loading late, thus making the script think of it as "nil", causing an error.

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Answered by
Zuraax 45
1 year ago

You should put this script into PlayerStarterCharacter as it's modifying Humanoid properties

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