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How do I make a car follow a path?

Asked by 2 years ago

Ok so I have a script that makes a car move but it goes too fast so is there a way to reduce the speed and also is it possible to make a car follow a path so it can go in circles.

Here's the script:

for i = 0, -100, -.1 do



yeah in the wait() put wait(1) or something User#19524 170 — 2y
If it's only gonna move in circles, you could also try setting some parts as invisible, and make your car move() to those parts in a sequential order. Make sure your car has a humanoid inside of it to use move(). Also since you have humanoid, you can easily set the "walk speed" of your car. lesliesoon 86 — 2y
Use the PathfindingService. DeceptiveCaster 2796 — 2y
Good suggestion but I don't want a driver, I want the car to go in circles (in laps) and then when the car comes back, the user has to jump onto the car. theshadowking45 0 — 2y
Also where is the PathfindingService? theshadowking45 0 — 2y

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