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how do I force one player per team?

Asked by
Nickelz 37
2 years ago

I have six teams and the max players is six. how would I make a script that spreads the players out one team each?

1 answer

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Answered by 2 years ago

Hi Nickelz,

I would go about this by putting the colors for every team in a table. Then, loop through the players, make their TeamColor one from the table and, then remove that color from the table so that it can't be picked again. Something like this probably:

local teams = {"Black");"Really red");"Really blue");"Pastel Blue");"Daisy orange");"Shamrock");

local players = game:GetService("Players");

for _, player in next, players:GetPlayers() do
    local index = math.random(#teams) -- Random number from 1 to Amount of Teams.
    local team = teams[index]; -- The team color chosen on random.
    player.TeamColor = team; -- Sets player's team color to random team color
    teams.remove(teams, index); -- Removes the team color so it doesn't get repeated

Well, I hope I helped and have a nice day/night.


Best regards,

~~ KingLoneCat

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