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How to determine if a Server is an Online or Test Server without using a Player? [closed]

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adark 5487 Badge of Merit Moderation Voter Community Moderator
10 years ago

I'm currently writing a DataStore ModuleScript wrapper for the purpose of debugging without having to actually use DataStoreService, to avoid corrupting or losing data.

Currently, the only way I know to check for a Test Server is to test if the Players have a userId of -1. This won't work if there is no Player connected to the Server, however.

Is there a way, then, to determine if a Server is a Test Server without using a Player?

game.PlaceId == 0 for a test server, I think wazap 100 — 10y
Yep, as wazap said. Destrings 406 — 10y
Game:GetService("TestService") ? TheGuyWithAShortName 673 — 10y
very late, but for future explorers, if game.JobId returns an empty string, it's offline ImageLabel 1541 — 9y

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