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How I Will Clone One More Part??

Asked by
enes223 312 Moderation Voter
4 years ago

When I Clone One More Part Other Cloned Part Is Getting Destroyed. Help Please!

dude like in a script cause, while and for loops. FlippinAwesomeCrew 62 — 4y
but if i dont while and loops i cant do my game my tix dropper :P enes223 312 — 4y
e.e post your script in the question LeadRDRK 437 — 4y
I think the problem is that you forgot to set a variable for the part. And, when you set a variable for the part, you can clone it to workspace. Cloning the part and parenting the part to workspace are analogical to creating the part and making it visible in the workspace. When you clone it, you make the part and when you parent it to workspace, you make it visible in the game. KingLoneCat 2642 — 4y

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