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ROBLOX Studio "Failed to load game settings, features now have been disabled"?[SOLVED]

Asked by 4 months ago
Edited 4 months ago

I was excited to jump back into development of my ROBLOX game this morning. But I was sadly greeted by a not so friendly message.

I cannot publish my games, plural. Non of my games will publish they give me the error in the title of this post.

Ive been using Studio for over 5 years now and I have never had an error like this before so I am a little lost on how to fix it. Ive reinstalled, uninstalled. All the basic stuff and still it doesnt work.

To some people this may not be a big deal but to me I have to publish the game since Roblox stores all there stuff on there site and since my code revolves around having access to the site I literally cannot work on my game at all.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

Heres the exact error. "Error while loading entities for universe 497647591:Http 404 (HTTP/1.1 404 NotFound)"

Does anyone know, this is really a big wall in the development of my game and I would really like to finish it.

Thanks for your time :)

Maybe try contacting Roblox Support? SynchronizedReality 8 — 4mo
Same happened to me GoodTimmyTurner5 0 — 4mo
I have this error too Today.. DeathGunner132 63 — 4mo
It doesn't allow me to get my game assets. DeathGunner132 63 — 4mo
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