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Changing ImageLabel image not working?

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znepb 9
9 months ago
Edited 9 months ago

I have a LocalScript, that will make an image change the image of the ImageLabel but, it is not changing. There is no error saying "Failed to load asset", it isn't just showing up.

Here is what I've tried:

--First thing I tried:
script.Parent.ImageLabel.Image = tostring(id)
-- In the script, before the ID I put "rbxassetid://", and that didn't do anything.

--Second thing I tried:
script.Parent.ImageLabel.Image = "rbxassetid://"..tostring(id)
-- Instead of having rbxassetid:// before the is in the string, I just put in the ID.

--Third thing I tried:
script.Parent.ImageLabel.Image = ""..tostring(id)
--Using the, still didn't work.

Quick edit: the game is FilteringEnabled.


have you tried to take 1 from the id? kingdom5 4031 — 9mo
Yes, I have tried that. znepb 9 — 9mo
Try removing the tostring, since it's concatenating a string with an integer it should automatically change the integer to a string. ViktorCorvinus 0 — 9mo
Still wont work. znepb 9 — 9mo

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