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How would I go about inserting a hat onto someone using scripts?

Asked by 6 years ago

Title, tried to use scripts to put a hat on someone, it connected strangely.

My friend told me to weld a part onto their head (with a hat mesh), could anyone possibly tell me how to do that or link me to a page, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Answered by
Gamenew09 175
6 years ago

Clone the Hat object into a character, or you can create the hat object the put the parts and all the properties needed for the hat.

Create Hat Example: (This is from a free model btw) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ h ="Hat") p ="Part") h.Name = "Americasweetheart" p.Parent = h p.Position = hit.Parent:findFirstChild("Head").Position p.Name = "Handle" p.formFactor = 0 p.Size =,1,2) p.BottomSurface = 0 p.TopSurface = 0 p.Locked = true script.Parent.Mesh:clone().Parent = p h.Parent = hit.Parent h.AttachmentForward =, -0, -1) h.AttachmentPos =, 1.15, -0.05) h.AttachmentRight =, 0, 0) h.AttachmentUp =, 1, 0) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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