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Any possible way of saving Instances with DataStore?

Asked by
coo1o 227 Moderation Voter
6 years ago

Now before you say it, I know you can't save Instances with DataStore like so:


But I want to know if there are any POSSIBLE ways? As it says on the wiki:

You should write a function that converts the instance to a table or string.

So is this possible or not?



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Answered by
adark 5461 Badge of Merit Moderation Voter Community Moderator
6 years ago

Basically, you save all the relevant properties of the Object you want to save in the form of a Table or JSONified table, and write a function that takes this table and creates actual bricks out of it.

For example:

PartsToSave = {
    Part1 = {
        Name = "Test",
        Reflectance = 0,
        Transparency = 0, Size = {20, 15, 6) --[[Tables can't contain ROBLOX Instance to be DataStore'd IIRC]],
        Position = {256, 2, 10},
        Rotation = {2, 0, 0}};
    Part2 = {...};
} --And so on

Using this table and nested generic for loops using the pairs iterator function (since ipairs doesn't for non-numeric indexes), you can the parts and set the relevant properties.

I suggest giving PartsToSave direct subtables of the Parts' types, namely Wedges, Trusses, and just Parts, to make the loops simpler.

Thanks! coo1o 227 — 6y

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