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When I weld something to a player, it affects their movement?

Asked by 11 months ago

Okay, so when I weld something small to my player's torso, say like a .2,.2,.2 brick, my player will be just fine, but when I attempt to weld something bigger to my player, the player's movement becomes distorted. Is there a better way of sticking a brick onto a player other than welds or loops? or am I doing something wrong?

cancollide = false or try anchored = false GameBoyOtaku 15 — 11mo
Could you provide an image/gif example? And ^ is right, try turning the welded object's collision off. Goulstem 7925 — 11mo
You can also try altering the density of the part through its CustomPhysicalProperties to reduce its weight mattscy 3448 — 11mo
0 sorry for the late response but here is an example. The welded part i'm talking about is the green circle beneath me thehotn3ss 11 — 11mo

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