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[Solved] Developer Console not showing server logs?

Asked by
blowup999 659 Moderation Voter
6 years ago
Edited 6 years ago

I've tried a few of my game places and a couple group places and I can't get the Server Logs to open in any of them, whereas they used to work. I had the owner of the group try the developer console in the places also and it didn't work for him either.

It's allowing me to see Client Logs and Memory but it won't show the Server Logs anymore.

Same. Can't get server logs on my own game. I'm assuming that this is a temporary issue. XAXA 1569 — 6y
Actually, read this post of the dev forums: It's expected to return on July 19. XAXA 1569 — 6y

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Answered by
angeI1001 123
5 years ago

It does show server logs now, indeed.


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