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Help with procedural animations? [closed]

Asked by 2 years ago

Hey everyone. I've been experimenting with Roblox's default animation plugin recently to make character movement animations on a game I'm currently working on. However, since these are completely preset animations, using them for something as diverse as character movement makes them look out of place. For example, changing from the walking to sprinting animation creates a sudden "jolt" due to the last position of the walking animation being different from the first position of the sprinting animation. You can try the game to see for yourself, if you'd like (Left shift to sprint):

So I am sorry there isn't really any code to show, but does anyone know of some other methods that could be used to "animate" parts without using preset animations? I've given modifying the character body parts' CFrame a try, but it didn't really seem to work. I am not looking for any code whatsoever, just possibly a name or two of methods or techniques I could look into, because quite frankly, I don't have the slightest idea of what to try first. Thanks.

You're probably going to have to go down the CFrame route. If you do, you'll need to use CFrame.C0:Lerp(target,speed) ALANstar360 45 — 2y

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