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How can I make a winning team and losing team board show in the screen, and tracks the score?

Asked by 10 years ago

I'm trying to make an FPS game. I want to know how can you make a winning and loosing team score board. Thank you!

This depends on what you define as "winning" in your game. 1waffle1 2908 — 9y
What? alan3401 28 — 9y
please, read the site name. we arent game builders, we just fix scripts. thank you. speedyfox66 237 — 3y
7 Years and still unanswered 2_MMZ 1059 — 3y
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wait another 7 years and you may get an answer TwoTramp 18 — 2y
How is this still unanswered... lol? 2Loos 168 — 1y

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