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"Failed to load texture: unknown format"? [closed]

Asked by 10 years ago

I'm using an imagelabel in a gui, and i'm getting this error (in studio edit mode).

17:48:21.948 - Failed to load texture '': unknown format

What does it mean, "unknown format"?

Please refrain from titling questions something vague like "What's wrong with this?". Try ask a minified question in your title, or give a bit of insight in the title. User#2 0 — 10y

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Why was this question closed?

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Answered by
User#2 0
10 years ago

It means the asset you are trying to load has not yet been approved by a Image Moderator.

I thought you could view the asset if you were the creator, though. Thewsomeguy 448 — 10y