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Some questions ?

Asked by 6 years ago

What is return and when do we use it?( example please)

What is impairs and pairs and what is it used for?

What is and iterator?

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Answered by 6 years ago

Why don't you check the Scripting Glossary?

return: The return keyword stops the execution of a function and returns a value or multiple values.

impairs/pairs: Exactly what it means, pairs.

Iterator: iterator is an object that enables a programmer to traverse a container, particularly lists. Various types of iterators are often provided via a container's interface. Though the interface and semantics of a given iterator are fixed, iterators are often implemented in terms of the structures underlying a container implementation and are often tightly coupled to the container to enable the operational semantics of the iterator. Note that an iterator performs traversal and also gives access to data elements in a container, but does not perform iteration (i.e., not without some significant liberty taken with that concept or with trivial use of the terminology). An iterator is behaviorally similar to a database cursor. Iterators date to the CLU programming language in 1974.


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