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Is this possible in theory?

Asked by
Tiranin 45
6 years ago

Hello, I just came to a random though and I have no time for Studio experiments.

I wanted to ask if it's possible to do this (example):

if x, y, z == 2, 5, 3 then

Came to an idea when I remembered that you can do the same thing with variables (declerating them, not comparing):

x, y, z = 5, 3, 2

In short terms, is it possible to simply row varibales and "answers" in conditions?

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Answered by 6 years ago

Yes and no. You can not do it like in the question, but you can in you use "and".

x = 5 y = 3 z = 2 --You can have it on the same line if you want
if x == 5 and y == 3 and z == 2 then --Closest you can get to what you want

Hopefully this helps you as much as you helped me!


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