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I need BodyPosition help

Asked by
Lineout 10
7 years ago

Ok so here is my code:

hoverPart.BodyPosition.position = workspace.Slayer.Pos.CFrame.lookVector +, workspace.Slayer.HoverHeight.Value, speed)

So, this is not working for me. I want it so it will move the hoverPart, toward its look vector + speed(speed = 2) sp it will move hoverPart in front of itself by 2. But it's not doing that, any help?

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Answered by 7 years ago
while wait() do
hoverPart.BodyPosition.position = hoverPart.CFrame.lookVector * 2

that will move hoverPart forward in a loop. make sure you set the P,D and maxForce property for more control of the BodyPosition personally i would set maxForce to,math.huge,math.huge) because i've found it doesn't work otherwise


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