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R-15 Problems with changing the mesh?

Asked by 1 month ago

I asked this question before, but no one replied to it so I'm asking it again! Why does this not work with changing the R-15 body meshes? and what do I need to change to make it work?

victim = script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Character

function kill()


--Character Meshes
LeftFoot = victim.LeftFoot
LeftFoot.MeshID = ("")

LeftHand = victim.LeftHand
LeftHand.MeshID = ("")

LeftLowerArm = victim.LeftLowerArm
LeftLowerArm.MeshID = ("")

LeftLowerLeg = victim.LeftLowerLeg
LeftLowerLeg.MeshID = ("")

LeftUpperArm = victim.LeftUpperArm
LeftUpperArm.MeshID = ("")

LeftUpperLeg = victim.LeftUpperLeg
LeftUpperLeg.MeshID = ("")

LowerTorso = victim.LowerTorso
LowerTorso.MeshID = ("")

RightFoot = victim.RightFoot
RightFoot.MeshID = ("")

RightHand = victim.RightHand
RightHand.MeshID = ("")

RightLowerArm = victim.RightLowerArm
RightLowerArm.MeshID = ("")

RightLowerLeg = victim.LeftLowerLeg
RightLowerLeg.MeshID = ("")

RightUpperArm = victim.RightUpperArm
RightUpperArm.MeshID = ("")

RightUpperLeg = victim.RightUpperLeg
RightUpperLeg.MeshID = ("")

UpperTorso = victim.UpperTorso
UpperTorso.MeshID = ("")



thank you ~Fin

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Me and 2 others it looks like. FiredDusk 1087 — 1mo


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1 answer

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Answered by
RubenKan 1817 Community Moderator
1 month ago
Edited 1 month ago

What do you expect to happen when you destroy the script's Parent before all the code can execute, dingus.

(Line 5)

it is destroying the gui it is in ... and when you click it it should change your package ... but it doesn't FinickOdre123 8 — 1mo
Its destroying the parent of the script.. "script.Parent.Parent:Destroy()" will remove the GUI and EVERYTHING INSIDE OF IT. Thus also the script! RubenKan 1817 — 1mo
that's not my problem, cause I tried it without destroying the gui ... and it still didn't work >_> T_T and having the 2.0 figure on the R-15 is really important in my game! and it won't allow it FinickOdre123 8 — 1mo
You'll have to remove the destroy though, else the script wont run anything. Suggest just putting in the ID as followed. "rbxassetid://000000000". RubenKan 1817 — 1mo

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