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RP Name Filtering Censoring Help?

Asked by
Subbix -5
11 months ago

Well not really chat filtering but I'm filtering a RP Name Gui so it censors text. (It creates a Model inside your character)

        v = game.Players.LocalPlayer
        for a, mod in pairs(v.Character:children()) do
            if mod:findFirstChild("NameTag") then
                v.Character.Head.Transparency = 0 mod:Destroy()

        local char = v.Character
        local mod ="Model", char)
        mod.Name = script.Parent.Text
        local cl = char.Head:Clone()
        cl.Parent = mod

        local modtxt = mod.Name

        local hum ="Humanoid", mod)
        hum.Name = "NameTag"
        hum.MaxHealth = 0
        hum.Health = 0

        local filteredMessage
        local success, filteredMessage = pcall(function() return v.mod:FilterStringForBroadcast(v.mod.Name) end)
        if not success then
            filteredMessage = "<Filter has failed.>"

No, It doesn't post <filtering has failed.> and I've already tried FilterASync Subbix -5 — 11mo


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